Small Corner of Silent Boy Reality

the silent boy, the silent personEvery day the human preoccupation with activites that make they busy . The workers and students rushed to welcome the day with the sun shining . Long time is like a small clock that moves very fast . People are busy with work and their own affairs . One time I saw a group of people laughing and joking with exhilaration . Seen a child sit in the corner of the room , and he was looking at these people . I noticed a long time , it turns out he’s just sitting alone and no one talked with him as friend . From a distance he looks calm and enjoy the solitude that I, too, thought it looked like there was no load and just smiled quietly . However , we are announcing that the people who often sit alone or apart from the crowd and need more friends ? They settle down for trying to hide the lack of ability to socialize with the environment . Well ,  What exactly are these things hidden in the Silent Boys that most people do not know ?

Quiet person/ a Silent Boy has many differences from most people , especially in terms of his personality . The most prominent thing is they seem to be more aloof and do not like the crowds . They generally possessed a rather unstable emotions . That ‘s why when they get angry sometimes more creepy ( like the wild aja ya ? / He2 ) than the others , although very rare . Usually quiet people tend to be rather long in terms of decision-making to determine the action although it is possible they are also more prominent in some way . Sometimes we see our friends who keep silence before speaking or acting .

Why do people prefer the quiet solitude than hang out with people ? There are several reasons that cause it . First , sometimes they are more comfortable when alone because usually people do not like the quiet commotion or noise . But make no mistake , though like loneliness , they will feel alienated when alone in a group ( so watch your friend ya ) . The second , thought or principle can melakukans a thing on their own and feel no need of others will encourage someone to be alone . Believing in yourself is necessary , but it is not good either if too excessive . Then , a person is not actively terlau for attempting to cover kekurangnya , either because they do not know how to speak or hard to get along with others . But sometimes when people remain silent may be he prefers keeping his tongue rather than say things that are not necessary . Although the above matters will be impressed as a deficiency but a quiet person does not mean not having excess .

If we want to look further afield , there are many advantages that people who tend to remain . Due to the use of his brain is used to reflect and think , usually they will be able to control their ability in sorting out which ones are right and which are wrong . Additionally , ability imagine someone will make a high -minded art because usually they poured opinions / ideas through the work they produce , whether it be painting ( But do not paint creatures animate yes ) , or other scientific work . Quiet person usually is superior in terms of exact that requires thinking rather than dealing directly with the practice in terms of socialization .

Although someone who prefers quiet solitude , but we know they really need ? We may never see our friend who was sitting alone far from the others . He looks very calm and seemed to enjoy his solitude so that we too become reluctant to approach him . However , this idea seems to be somewhat on the fox . In reality these people would be happy if we approached and accompany . Do we know why ? They will feel recognized for who they really need is ….. ” Friends” .

Hopefully this article useful both for my friends who said his ” A Silent Boy” as well as my friends in general . For those who are silent , may be increasingly mingle with others and be able to create works that are useful to other people . And to other friends , hopefully more attention to her .

(I’m so sorry if there are lot of mistakes of the sentences in this article becouse I translated it with gootle translate) Thanks for reading! I hope it is usefull.


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